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    Adobe Premiere Pro serious error CS3

      Hi All,

      Thought I would share this error with Premiere Pro CS3 with you all:

      "Sorry, a serious error occurred that requires Adobe Premiere Pro to shut down"

      Sure, you've all seen it before. I have some quite specific instances of the problem though. PP CS3 is fairly stable most of the time. But I have noticed that the above error appears when I double click Dynamics in the Audio Mixer. That is, I put Dynamics into the effects list on one channel in the sequence and double click it to change the compression details and the error appears.

      The weird thing is, it NEVER does it the first time I do it. I add another sequence to my project, drop some DV onto it, add Dynamics to the audio channel drop down box, double click it (or right click and select Edit) and it ALWAYS errors. It's definately doing it ever single SECOND time.

      Some details? I'm running Vista 64 Home Premium OEM. Intel Q6600 Quad Core (it's currently over clocked to 3.0GHz). 4Gb Corsair XMS2 DDR2 RAM. An Abit P35 board and a few 500Gb SATA drives for video. My Vista 64 install is fairly clean as I only changed to Vista recently and I dare not use my edit box for anything dodgy. It has a couple of games on it that don't have any issues.

      I'm thinking the problem must be something to do with Premiere Pro itself, my HD Realtek Audio drivers or something about Vista 64. I have seen this error loads when I Google it but I have never seen someone log it specifically for double clicking effects in the Audio Mixer. I'm not yet going to have a fiddle around with my system to try and fix it because I have a valuable project on the go and not enough time to redo it if I break it. But once I have finished my current project, I may try a few things like resintalling CS3 and playing around with drivers.

      In the meantime, any ideas out there? :-)