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    Film to DVD using 5.1 audio

      I'm putting together a DVD for viewing purposes using PremPro CS3.

      I have a video track which has 6 channels of 5.1 audio provided by a Studio as wav files. They are all produced to the exact length of the video.

      I have defined the project with 5.1 audio and have placed and named all of the 6 files on my timeline. ie. Ls, Lr, C, Left, Right, Lfe.

      I have also moved the dots in the audio mixer spatial area representation graphic appropriately. Left(moved to the left corner) Right(moved to the right corner) Centre(Left in the central position) Ls(towards the back left) Rs(towards the back right) Level wise they have all been predetermined by the studio.

      Is the above correct or should I take something else into consideration.
      When I produce the final exported file via Adobe Media encoder utilising the 5.1 surcode codec will I have a larger file than say if I had used MPEG audio.

      Will the final mpeg fit on a standard DVD5? The film is around 1hr 50 mins in duration.

      I don't require a menu. Will I be able to burn the resulting files to a DVD using any other software or will I have to use encore dvd 2.0 which I have?