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    PP usage/installed to external hard drives


      First off, thank you to all of you who have posted answers for students in my class (they usually post under my screen name). We appreciate the assistance!

      I have a question now. I plan on ordering some external hard drives next year; nothing too fancy as I'll need about 50 of them (1 per student) and might even have to settle for 4-8GB flash drives. Anyway, I'd like for the students to keep all of their work for the current month with them at all times so that they can work on their assignments away from the editing lab/stations.

      I know they can easily take their projects etc. with them but it does very little for most of the students who do not have PP installed at home. My school has a cite lisence for CS3 and I was wondering if it would be possible to install the software to the external devices so that the students could run the software off of their own hard drive and keep the work with them? This way, they could work on assignments at home as well.

      I *think* this is legally within the realm of the cite lisence agreement but I could be mistaken. The hard drives would be property of the school and our lisence is good for 500+ copies.

      Is this at all possible? If not, what other system could I put in place for the students to have access to the software outside of my classroom (legally of course)?

      Thank you!
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          Jim_Simon Level 9
          I can't speak to the legal issue, but I can certainly imagine there being technical issues with this working. Premiere has a tendency to not work right if you change things around form the norm. (Using external instead of system (C:) drives, putting My Documents on a network, etc.)

          Best I can say is to try it, just don't be surprised if there are issues.

          (As an aside, the school I went to keeps all student projects in the same primary folder, keeps all media on the same drive. Every student has full access to every other students work. They can only work on their project at school. Etc..

          In short, it's a standard editing setup as if there were only one editor using the workstation. It's just the way things run smooth. Trying to make things separate for each student is bound to cause issues.)
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            Thanks Jim. Yeah we have a really nice setup at my school too:

            Each student has designated server space (although not enough for PP projects)

            My class has a designated shared drive that only my students can access.

            Teachers have 2-3 servers we can use which students can read-only from.

            ***I'm not concerned with how the work is handled during class or while at school, I'm trying to allow students the opportunity to work on these at home away from school. This would really give them the time needed to turn in high quality work while also holding them accountable even more so than while in the lab.***

            This is what I'm hoping to find a solution for. Let me know if anyone has any ideas outside of illegally downloading the software haha.
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              Matt Petersen Level 3
              Madamski, i teach production to journalism students at a university and we have a similar challenge with home-based work.

              I can't imagine PP working in the scenario you describe due to the activation process which is linked to the actual machine. Our PP installs (80) run off a key server locally on the network, whether there is some way a key server could work via the internet would be worth exploring, but seems unlikely.

              Some of our students choose to purchase the Student Version of the software which is very cheap (cheaper than the "Academic Version"), and some students time their assignments so they can use the 30 day trial install.

              BTW, in terms of drives, we found the 100-200gB self-powered USB "pocket" drives to be ideal. We purchase in bulk at about $AU100 per item. Thumb drives just seem to way too small for video work (at about 12gB a tape native DV).

              let me know if you find a workable solution, as there could be huge advantages to schools like ours.

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                Jim_Simon Level 9
                >My class has a designated shared drive that only my students can access. Teachers have 2-3 servers we can use which students can read-only from.

                I actually meant locally. If a student starts a project on machine A, then he can only work on machine A. There is no network. Only local drives are used. (This is with Avid Media Composer.)

                Limited? Maybe. Works? Definitely.