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    detecting all timelines in project

      Is there anyway to detect and find all timelines in project? I have a very heavy file, mainly because there are many linked photoshop layers inside - which really slows the loading of the project. the problem is that all linked layers are imported with a timeline - thus, if we want to use "remove all unused" first you have to delete all timelines that are not needed.
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          You mean you don't put all the timelines in a single bin?
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            Level 1
            ofcourse not, they are in many bins.
            each time you import a layered photoshop file it opens it in a new bin and its timeline inside
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              shooternz Level 6
              Easy to find the "Sequences".

              Do a sort on the Type column.

              BTW:Deleting the Timeline (Sequence) wont delete the media. It will remain in the bin.
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                Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                I don't think a sort helps when they are in bins. His PS imported bins will have one sequence in each such bin. Did you mean a search/find?

                oded, in the project panel, in the "find" area, type "sequence" and select for "In" Media Type.

                This will reveal all your sequences.

                Then click on each one and look at the top for "video used one time" etc. If the sequence is not nested in at least one other sequence, you will see nothing about being used. I assume those are the ones you consider "unused" and want to delete that sequence.

                (Is there a column for number or times used? I did not see one.)

                As Craig noted, this does not delete the media, but I think you are planning to do a "remove unused" for that. I would be careful with that: it gives you no warning and did not appear that you could undo it (especially once you save the project). I would make sure I have a current backup of this project before doing this.