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    Premiere CS3 won't see bmp files

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      Help - I've just had to reinstall CS3 on my machine and since the install, Premiere won't see my existing bmp files. I have a lot of projects underway all using a lot of bmp files and while the files appear in the project as on-line, they simply aren't there. I can create a matte in Photoshop, save it as a jpeg, psd, or bmp and import them all into Premiere but the bmp files appear blank. It is not the project, as all projects exhibit the same fault. I did have both CS2 and CS3 installed on the machine but during a process where I had to clean up the C drive etc, I got rid of CS2 and CS3 and then did a clean total reinstall of CS3 onto the cleaned up C drive. I haven't re-registered the product yet, but I have done an update. Any clues anyone?