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    DVCPro 50 Codec Conversion

      I am currently using Adobe Premiere CS3 at my job and have run into yet another situation where I am forced to use someone else's Final Cut Pro files to edit with. Of course, they are Quicktime files with the dreaded DVCPro 50 codec.

      In the past I have brought these home to my Macintosh and spent the time to convert the footage outside of work, but I have just discovered the Raylight Encoder Pro and thus far the demo version has allowed me to view all of the files I was given on my timeline, albeit with a watermark.

      Before I purchase the full version, I would like to know if Adobe has any specific solutions they would recommend outside of using this third party software. Also, if third party is the way to go, does anyone has experience with using the Raylight Encoder Pro?

      Here is their website: