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    the movie file cannot be found

      I inadvertently deleted two movie files from a premiere project, and now I cannot open ANY projects...I get this message:

      "the movie file "hangarcfv01.4897A749.9D9990.omf" cannot be found. Without this file, the movie cannot play properly."

      Then, Premiere wont even open a project, including other projects these two files are not associated with.

      Is there a workaround? I tried directing the files to other omf files to trick it, but it still just reads the message "sorry for the inconvienience, but Premiere must shut down...I will try to save your current project."
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          omf isnt a movie file, its a audio mix pointer file, it essentially tells whatever program, be it premiere or cubase, where your audio files go on a timeline. Normally you wouldnt have an OMF unless your working with someone elses exported project or an audio mix was created during editing(???), but typically OMF's are used by audio engineers after an editor has gotten picture lock to create the audio mix.

          If premiere is preventing you from working on separate unrelated projects because of a missing file in one project, then it sounds like premiere is messed up. How did you manage to relink any files if premiere wont even open your project?

          In any case, you should consider reinstalling premiere, because there really is no other option for its behavior. A missing omf, at worst case, would simply give you an empty or screwed up audio track on your sequence.