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    Scratch disk locations

      I am tech support for a high school. We are using SC3 in our video editing lab. We have installed 400GB D drives to act as scratch disks so we don't have to worry about our C drives getting cluttered. Is there a way to force all users to a given location on the D drive, or do all users need to change their settings?


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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          Unless all students are working on one computer with the same Windows logon (meaning one at a time), my guess is every student will have to do it manually.
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            Matt Petersen Level 3
            Depending on how your lab is setup (ours is all imaged) you could do a "perfect & complete" install of PP on one machine and create disk images from that to every other machine. this is how we roll out installations with lots of custom paths and OS settings. only works well if all machines are basically identical. we then deep-freeze the installs so machines can't be ruined. this works nicely as you don't need to "lock down" machines with limited rights (which is always a bit of a pain in a video environment).