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    Vista 64 rocks with PP CS3

    (C._David_Young) Level 1
      I had finally run up against the limitations of PP CS3 with XP 32. When running AviSynth scripts to convert DV to 720p and exporting that to Bluray H.264, CS3 would frequently crash. I could watch the total memory usage count up until it reached about 2.5 GB and then it would die.

      Finally I bit the bullet and bought Vista 64 Ultimate thinking, after reading a number of reviews, that it would be an easy upgrade and not require a clean install. Well, in fact it does require a clean install, but Vista has made this as painless as possible by saving your old Documents and Settings and Program Files in a folder.

      It took several days to get everything up and running again, but boy is it worth it. Premiere and Encore run smoother and faster than ever and I have not had a single crash. Premiere grabs 2 GB for itself and completes the tasks that used to hang in XP 32. Strangely enough, this task used to consume close to 100% of the cpu but now it lopes along between 30% and 40% and still seems to be running faster, although I have not timed it to know for sure. I am running a Q6700 with 4 GB of RAM.

      So if you have been on the fence about whether to upgrade to Vista 64, I would highly recommend it, especially if you are running into memory limitations like I was. I have read other postings where people have recommended sticking with XP for various reasons, but I am not sure any of them are valid anymore.
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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          I'm still on XP (and will be until I someday build a new computer) but I've read a lot of Vista messages here, and on other Adobe forums

          Success with V64 seems to be very individual... based on the EXACT hardware (and device drivers) for each computer

          You have success... many others are not able to get some programs to work well with V64

          It might be good if you came back and posted your full hardware list, including all device drivers and BIOS brand and version, so anyone thinking about V64 will have an example of one configuration that works

          For instance... my 2004 computer is...
          Intel D875PBZ motherboard
          Intel 3.2 Ghz processor
          2 Gig of DDR 400 Ram
          AGP ATI Radeon 9600xt
          PCI 1 empty
          PCI 2 soundblaster 5.1
          PCI 3 dv500 capture card
          PCI 4 empty
          PCI 5 empty

          I have an (several) 80gig Ide boot drive and a (several) 100Gig data drive... which I swap using drive housings so I may have different projects on different drives... more info at...


          I may build a new computer one day... but as a hobbyist, my current setup works OK and I can just walk away when some time consuming process is working, so a new computer for more speed (or HD editing) is just not a big priority right now
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            It will be a mighty cold day before I install a beta OS. I've never had problems on xp32, but then again ive never tried to edit HD, and of course that memory cap is looming in the distance, but id sooner go to XP64.

            Perhaps your success is with the 32->64 transition and not so much vista. Windows 7 is supposed to come out in a few years, hopefully it will be a worthy successor to XP.
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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              >sooner go to XP64

              As far as I know, that is a dead OS with no development work... that is going to Vista64

              It won't be any time "soon" but I'm looking at options to build a new system based on the Intel i7 processor... elsewhere I've asked about opinions of the Asus p6t vs Intel dx58xo motherboards

              Each is about $300 with similar features... so as more reviews are posted online I will make my choice based on stability (I don't do overclocking, I look for a system that is simply going to WORK with no problems... which, so far for me, has meant Intel)

              I figure that for "about" $2,000 I can build a system to match the features I now have (already posted a link) at several times the speed... and, since I work at a University with a site license agreement with Microsoft, I can get Vista Business 64bit for free, so my software budget will be for anything else that doesn't like V64

              Maybe sometime late in 2009...?
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                (C._David_Young) Level 1
                I'm in Mexico on vacation but I will post the specs on my computer when I get home. It is just a fairly nice Abit motherboard with other components that were recommended in various posts on Newegg. I don't think it takes much nowadays to put together a system that runs Vista 64.
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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  >don't think it takes much nowadays to put together a system that runs Vista 64

                  Hmm... my preliminary (still thinking about Intel vs Asus) cost is

                  300 Motherboard
                  350 i7 920 2.66
                  240 6 Gig 3x2
                  100 Sata 160G x2
                  112 Sata 320G x2
                  35 Pioneer Dvr216D
                  150 Case w/Power
                  20 Pci Printer card
                  160 Vantec Housings x4
                  260 Ati Radeon HD4870 512meg

                  Then if I decide to go to 12Gig (Asus has 6 slots) add 240 for $1,967

                  Then if I decide on i7 940 @2.93 add 350 for $2,317

                  A matched set of DDR3 ram of 3x2=6Gig is easy to find so going to 12Gig in the Asus motherboard is easy, but 3x4=12 to use 3-channel ram in the Intel motherboard is not so easy (as yet) to find... so that is one point in favor of the Asus motherboard

                  But, as I said... still thinking and reading
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                    h2ofun Level 1
                    I just smile on this. I have been using Vista X64 for a long time and it works better than XP/XP64. I am also working with windows 7 and it has been great so far. I would much rather be an early adopter, than the last one to change. :o)

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                      Jim_Simon Level 8
                      (If Microsoft asks your opinion on Windows 7, tell them to make the Sidebar optional rather than getting rid of it altogether. I really like it.)
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                        h2ofun Level 1
                        You can still put all the gadgets for a sidebar, just not forced to take up the space.

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                          Jim_Simon Level 8
                          Put them where? I like them on the side, (hence the name of the feature).