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    Crackling / Sizzling Audio after encoding - bitrate or mono/stereo issue?

      I've been scouring the web for similar issues but haven't come up with anything.

      After exporting a video (which sounds fine in premier) in many different formats, playing with the audio settings, etc. I still get a crackle/sizzle in some of my audio. I've tried MOV, MP4, 32k/41k/48k sampling, mp3/aac encoding..

      Has anyone encountered a similar symptom while encoding?

      My concern is that it may be related to a SAMPLING RATE or MONO/STEREO conversion (the stereo that seems to crackle is mono from the source) taking place in the encoder.

      Anyone else experiencing this? Most of my audio is 41k and is being upsampled to 48k (or down to 32k) in the encoding process. I'm using Adobe Media Encoder with Premiere CS3.