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    Splitting a source file into multiple parts

      Hi all,

      beginning user here, so I apologise if what I'm asking has been covered extensively, but I've done some research and can't seem to find an answer to this!

      I want to take a source video and cut it into several pieces, some of which I will use, some of which I will discard, and will change the running order of the pieces. I'm familiar with setting markers in the source window, and with using in/out, but I'm looking for something that would effectively let me use multiple ins and outs, and automate chopping that up.

      At the moment I'm simply setting many markers, and using the razor tool to chop the movie up when it's on the timeline. Obviously this is slow and laborious, is there a way to get Premier to do the editing for me? Even if it simply cut the movie into a piece at each marker, that would be better!

      Thanks in advance guys :)