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    Capture locks up when I stop recording....I then have to force quit

      Yesterday I was capturing just fine, then I ran out of memory on my hard drive so I moved all my videos to an external hard drive and erased the videos from my hard drive. Now I can start the capture, but when I press the stop/esc button to stop the capture process Premiere pro locks up.
      Any ideas, Im working on a macbook pro. When I go to my hard drive and look at the clips I just tried to capture they are there and play just fine ????
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          Mac has a quirk, no, lets call it a feature, that nothing gets deleted off a harddrive, not with your little animated trashcan or your "secure" erase. Unlike windows which deletes the pointer to the file and then tells the OS that the space is free, mac just deletes the pointers and leaves the files there to consume space without all the hassles of actually having any use. This is one of the many features that come with using a mac, including the ability for mac to randomly delete files (in my case critical project files), which has happened to me many times before.

          Theres been many a time where i had to mount a mac drive onto a PC as a logical drive and format from there to actually be able to put anything it, even when i had deleted everything from it on the mac.

          So yeah, theres your problem.