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    Reversed clips don't work at all!!

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      I opened a ppro 2.0 project in cs3 and everyhting else seems to work, except the clips that have a negative speed value (in other words they are reversed).

      The clips won't play, it just shows diagonal stripes across the clip in the timeline! I have opened two different ppro 2.0 projects in cs3 and this was with both projects! Is this a bug? Any help would be highy appreciated!
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          Maybe just replace those clips on the timeline in CS3 and reapply the effect. The slow motion engine was supposedly upgraded in CS3, so it makes sense their might be some translation issues.
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            Thanks for your answer Jim!

            So there is no other way? I'd hate to have to go trough all my clips and do that... Have anybody else had the same problem? You could also test it easily by just opening a ppro 2.0 project with reversed clips in cs3.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              You could open an Auto Saved version in 2.0 and keep working the project there. It's generally not a good idea to switch software in the middle of a project. Finish current projects, then start new ones on the new software.
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                Yes that is what I'm going to do (don't need autosave though because I'm paranoid enough to always save with a new name) :)

                I just hope that adobe guys know about this and address this issue somehow! I mean some of my projects have taken years to edit, it would be a shame if I couldn't upgrade in the middle. This also means that it gets very complicated if I some day for example after a few years need to re-edit something. Then I would have to find the installation discs for the older version and install them and stuff and that kind of sucks.
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                  Jim_Simon Level 8
                  That's the reality of progress, though. Not all newer technology is compatible with older technology. Sometimes the old gets dumped completely in favor of the new and better. Twenty, maybe even as few as ten years from now, we may have a hard time finding a DV device to play our tapes on.
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                    Jeff Bellune Level 5
                    I just tried to duplicate the issue and I could not.

                    I created a PPro 2.0 project and speed-reversed a couple of clips in a multi-clip sequence; one at -100% and one at -50%, with the -50% clip sandwiched between 2 other normal speed clips.

                    I first imported the 2.0 project into a new CS3 project, then I simply opened the 2.0 project using CS3. No difference. The speed-reversed clips appeared in the CS3 project exactly as they should have.
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                      wow! That is really strange! Like I said this happened with 2 different projects and I also tested it with 2 different computers! Were your clips dv-footage like mine?
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                        Jeff Bellune Level 5
                        >Were your clips dv-footage like mine?

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                          Wade S Zimmerman Level 1
                          It is funny when ever the new version comes out there is same reaction to the new version and I suspect all of these users posting this I am going back to CS 2 will be back again when CS4 comes around saying the same thing.

                          There are several people on the Illustrator Forum that cannot open older files in CS3 three or four of them sent me sample files. Funny enough I had no problem opening any of them.

                          One I was missing a font, easy enough to suspect a font, but why did the older version open the file. Adobe is cleaning up the act of corrupt files by making the software more stable and the files produce by the software also more stable. So in the future the real future when drives are more reliable and will only open clean documents so your system develops no problems, you will still be able to open your files.

                          Fonts, Profile, Preferences, cache and other such stuff can and often do get corrupt.

                          Just suggesting it could play a factor.