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    ways to replace missed screees?

      sometimes when capturing a simulation, captivate will miss a screen, or get it with the button to be clicked greyed out.

      the solution i'm using is to go back, recreate up to that point, screenshot it, save the screenshot so it's roughly the same, then import it as background.

      is there a background or slide export to graphics? this could save a lot of time (ie, white out a selected radio button in a graphics app instead of running 30 mins of app to get to same screen). but i can't gt the graphics out at their full size for this purpose.
      better yet, is there way, when capturing, to force captivate to take a slide? it seeems to choose on its own and is right 90 ish % of the time, but that last 10% kills me.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Billb

          You are able to export backgrounds via the Library panel. Try clicking View > Show Library. With the Library visible, you are able to right-click the image and choose "Export".

          Note there is a Captivate way to "White out" an area of the background. You click Insert > Highlight Box and configure it for 0% transparency and the color white. Then position it over the area you wish to white out. Now right-click the Highlight Box and choose "Merge into Background". The net effect is identical to what you would obtain by editing the background in something like Photoshop or Gimp.

          As for grabbing extra screens, sure! Just tap the Print Screen key on your keyboard while you are recording. That action will force Captivate to grab that screen.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Bill_6303 Level 1
            Excellent, thanks Rick! -billb
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              jbradley88 Level 2
              A slightly more efficient option than exporting is to right-click a Library item and choose "Edit with...".

              Captivate will then prompt you for the location of your image editing application, such as Photoshop. You should only have to do this once, as Captivate will remember your application choice going forward.

              A copy of the selected item then opens in your image editor and when you save changes to that image, the copy in Captivate is updated automatically.

              The only caveat is that you need to flatten the image in your image editor to remove any layers before saving. Captivate doesn't know what to do with images containing layers.

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                article man Level 1
                Thank You,I was having a problem with this for quite some time,until this,Thanks Captiv8r.