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    Export chapters to Encore

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      Under the Export Movie Settings > General > Compile Settings for Premiere Pro CS3, I have checked (Fields to Export): Comments and Chapters and checked "Export Blank Markers" as well. This works for un-numbered Sequence Markers when the AVI is fed to Encore, but ONLY if text is entered in the Chapter or Comments fields for the markers! This is despite checking "Export Blank Markers"!!!

      I would rather not have to bother putting stuff into these fields -- it needs me to remember to D-click a marker to open the appropriate window in Premiere.

      Strangely, Encore Chapter Markers (required when exporting via Adobe Media Encoder) have their Chapter-naming window automatically open when they are set, even though text is not required in its field!

      Has Adobe got this the wrong way round or am I missing something?

      The fact that checking "Export Blank Markers" does nothing and that I have to manually D-click a Sequence marker to put necessary stuff in a field is a pain!
      Again, am I doing something wrong?

      Thanks in anticipation.
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          Jeff Bellune Level 5
          You're not doing anything wrong. When Adobe added En chapter markers as a new kind of marker in a Pr sequence, their use was restricted to exports with the AME.

          The unnumbered sequence marker behavior carries over from earlier versions of Pr. Sequence markers are used for exporting with several different formats and codecs, so not all of the compile options apply to every format. Using a sequence marker as an En chapter marker requires text in the chapter field for En to recognize it as such.

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            Thanks Jeff.
            Yes, I had known that -- I have used earlier versions.
            I was just hoping that when Adobe brought out CS3 that they would fix this loose end.

            Indeed, on noticing that I could check "Export Blank Markers" I hoped it would actualy do just that! In fact, I vaguely remember a video tutorial claiming that it would!

            I was hoping someone knew how to make this feature work.