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    Apply an effect to all video layers below it?

      Hey, all.

      Before I ask, let me say that I'm a professional Avid editor cutting on Premiere Pro CS3.

      The effect I'm trying to create is a distortion. Basically, I want to make it seem like I'm punching through from the back of the video. But the video in question is made up of four smaller clips lined up like a grid.

      So far, I've put transparent video across the top (I will provide a link to a pic of a screen capture), and tried to apply a sphere distortion (just to check it out)....nothing happens. Anything I put on the transparent video (which in my mind should act like filler in the Avid), doesn't affect anything below it.

      Soooo...what the point of the transparent video? And any ideas on how to make my punch? Thanks!