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    Powerpoint text slides unreadable

      Hello, I am inserting Powerpoint(2007) slides into a video of a presentation. These slides have a lot of text on them, and when I put them into Premiere, they become virtually unreadable. The only effect I am adding is .5 anti-flicker, which blurs the slides a bit and makes them a LITTLE more readable (1.0 anti-flicker just looks like I need glasses).
      The slides are exported from PPT as bitmaps to avoid text compression issues. Their native resolution is 960x720 (4:3), while the video is 720x480 (3:2). I'm reducing each slide to about 50% of its original size so it will fit on the screen.

      I've looked around for anything that would help make this text readable, but I was unsuccessful so far. I am using Adobe CS3.

      Thanks for any help!
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          The issue becomes one of building a PP slide for computer screens, which are typically much higher resolution than TV screens. PP creators aren't often aware of this and so don't take any care to make their slides "TV friendly" (text size, overscan, interlacing, etc.)

          You may simply have to rebuild the slides in Premiere/Photoshop, or even redesign the entire presentation as making the text large enough to read might also make it too large to fit all of it on the same slide.

          What would be nice is if Microsoft would incorporate a sort of "Video Mode" into PowerPoint, which will only allow 720 x 480 screen sizes, will not allow any elements but the background to be placed outside of a 10% Safe Title area, will not allow any text with point sizes to small to read when displayed on a 27' TV from 13 feet away, would not allow any 'unsafe' colors, and such like that. Only then can we video producers get truly compatible PowerPoint's from out clients (who would be fully expected to design their presentations using the TV Template from scratch, or redesign it after the fact if they decide later they want to add it to a video.)