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    Encore chapters issue....different breaks after DVD build

      I have a project I exported from Premier using Dan Isaac's method and have imported into Encore. The project contains a main menu and 2 sub menus, each containing 6 chapter selection buttons. When I preview the main and both sub menus in Encore, the chapter selection buttons take me to the chapter starts that I have created in Encore by right clicking the timeline and selecting Add chapter point. But after I build the DVD in Encore and play it, the main menu and 1st submenu work great. But, on the second submenu, chapter selection button 7 takes me to the chapter it should, but chapter buttons 8-12 take me to segments in the video that don't have a chapter point added to them in Encore. The main menu also has an Outakes button that is at the end of the timeline and this also takes me to the middle of a clip.

      It seems like once I make a chapter point past a certain part of the timeline, none of them will sync with the chapter selection button I've created and sync'd via the drag & join whip in Encore.

      Any ideas what the problem might be? Thanks for any advice, I'm a week behind schedule now and really need to get this master delivered today!