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    Title Error - Working between 2 machines

      We have 2 machines (PC) with Premiere Pro3 at work.

      Sometimes I have to work on a project which my partner worked on Machine-B.
      Then when I copy the project to Machine-A, all the centered titles are moved to left side. If I try to fix them and open title window, PPro just freezes and stop working.

      *I use Japanese & Korean fonts besides English, and have about 760 fonts.
      I tried FontDoctor2.0(trial) and removed one damaged font, but nothing changes. (I installed same fonts on both machine.)
      Although PPro crashes sometimes, working on only one machine has no problem with titler.

      Also, I don't have any 3rd party plug-ins.

      Does anyone have same problem? It's not a good thing to work with PPro between 2 machines?

      Any tip will be appreciated.

      Thank you!