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    No Serial Number will not open

    Miles Johnston Level 1
      My Encore and PP CS3 will not allow me to access Encore. No Serial No.
      Attempts to re-install come up with Adobe CS 3 and Encore elements NOT installing.
      Whats worse the system shut down my Firewire while installing, so the DVD drive I was using was deleted from the system. So had to change to another internal DVD. Then it wanted drive letters from the original install, which had changed as I had added external USB drives, and the firewire units had disappeared. I changed the drive letters using Computer Management, and it found the install disc. But Non of the Encore and PPCS3 elements were re-installed.

      So The system will not allow me to re-install the software!

      This is an upgrade from PP.1.5

      So must clean every other out, including the Canopus 2, and 3 software while interlinks with it.
      Spent weeks on this 7 hour project with 3 discs required for publication, now it wont allow re-install!
      P4 4GB Ram
      XP SP2