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    Premiere CS3 and 24p exporting

      I've been working on this problem for a long time.

      I have some clips shot with a Canon XL2 in 24p mode with 2:3:3:2 pulldown. I import in Premiere CS3 in a 24p project, go in "Interpreter footage" and set "Remove 24p pulldown", and in the timeline the clips are good, 24p without interlaced frames.

      Then I go exporting: I want export in 24p (23,97) DV format.
      1) If I choose "Microsoft DV AVI" with "DV (24p Advanced)", the clips I get are in 29,97 with still the flagged frame that should have been removed. So I have the same output format that I get setting DV NTSC with his 29,97 framerate.
      2) If I choose "Microsoft AVI" and then I go with an alternative DV codec, such as the Panasonic's one (but I've tried many and I've got the same results, so I don't think it's their fault), I get a 23,97 clip, but the frame that has been removed is not the flagged and interlaced one, is one of the progressive. Watching the clip frame to frame I see that I have 24 fps: 3 progressive, 1 interlaced, 3 progressive, 1 interlaced, and so on.

      Let me know. Sorry for my bad english but I'm italian.
      Thank you