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    I need help exporting on CS3 to tape

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      Hi! I'm having some major problems as I'm completely 100% lost on what to do here and frustrated to tears to boot. I have some movie files I've made (.avi) that I want to export to Mini DV tape (back to my camera). The problem is that I have absolutely no idea how to do this. Not even the slightest inkling. Importing is a piece of cake, but exporting I am completely lost. I know next to nothing about this process or what I'd need to do. If anyone has any tips at all in layman's version that I could understand to be able to do this, I would appreciate it so very much.

      I am running Premier Pro CS3 on a Windows XP PC, I have the iEEE 1394 firewire cable and the capture card is installed on my computer (obvious, i've been able to import footage), and my mini DV camera is a Sony HDV 1080i miniDV. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to reverse engineer this and scowering the internet for any tutorials or help has been completely useless so far. Please, someone, lend me some knowledge :)