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    Opened project and video files are "offline"?

      Working on a project with 400 video (avi) files, all imported into the project.

      Project has opened and run fine the last three weeks, until this morning.

      I opened the project and when playing, the video shows "Media Offline" image throughout. All edited audio plays properly.

      Looking as the project files, all video is there. I can click on the source clips directly and they seem to play fine in the project.

      if I click on the source flies as "edited" in the project (video 1 - 7), it will play in the source window. I noticed the "start/end" markers are no longer set.

      I went back to my past three finished project files; all show the same message on the video screen. Source files are still in original location.

      What happened, and how can I restore my edits? A beer to all who help.

      Dell Latitude D830, using Intel Duo-Core 2 1.6Gh
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          THE FIX: I grouped all files together in my project, then dragged them to a new section (Vid 1 became vid 2, vid 2 became vid 3)

          CS3 "recognized" the clips. I then went to the Edit menu and selected "Undo" to move the clips back to the original location. CS3 continued to recognize the clips, as it should have in the first place.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            While Project corruption is always a possibility, the first thing that I look to with sudden "Media Offline," is any change in the drive structure. Have you added any drives, or moved any of the Project, or Assets in any way?

            Can you use Link Media to reestablish the Link? Does this Link hold? I know that with 400 Assets, having to do a manual re-Linking is not something to be taken lightly. Had to do it for 1400 once and that got very old quickly.

            Have you attempted to:

            1.) Open your last AutoSave file? Note: check the dates of these files, as the incremented number, say "5," might not be the latest.

            2.) Open New Project and Import your malfunctioning Project into it?

            If none of the above work, please list your system's complete I/O setup, HDD specs, free space, where various aspects of your Project are stored, where the program files are stored, and the Page File for Windows. Be as complete as you possibly can, and list any changes, however small, that might have been made.

            Good luck,