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    Customise List View (Project Window)


      When I customise my project window (eg. show icons, customise the columns displayed, create new ones etc), everything goes back to 'default' once I close and re-open the project.

      Why is this, and is there a fix?

      I am running version 3.2.0 on XP.


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          That should not happen, provided that you Save your Project. Now, the Columns setting is Project specific, and NOT global. Hence, if you are working on 3 Projects, you must manually set the Columns for each and Save. Open another Project (new, or old) and you get the default Columns. If your installation is loosing Columns setup, after a Save, something is wrong.

          IIRC, Columns is a global setting in CS4, but do not have it, so I am going from my memory of others' posts.