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    Using XVID with Premiere Pro CS3?

      I'm trying to export to video using XVID encoder, two pass. I start the first pass, an XVID status window appears, and then it appears to get stuck.

      Has anyone here used XVID with Premiere Pro CS3? If so, any suggestions?
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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          Have a look at this.


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            Thanks, I'll try the options on XVID. Currently I've been exporting to raw AVI, then using AutoGK. I normally don't do use XVID, but for a partcicular racing game, there are some telephone wires that appear less aliased with XVID mpeg4, than the encoders you get with Premiere. I've tried the mpeg2, mpeg4, and windows encoders, and don't get quite the same results. One of the final destinations is a you tube "hi-def" video. I also make windows movie files since they also can be viewed while streaming via Windows Movie player. My web host throttles throughput to 350kb per second now, so I keep most of my videos at 640x480 at around 1972kbps for the video, 128kbps for the audio. <br /><br />Example wmv video from racing game<br />http://jeffareid.net/nfsuc/nucreoznds.wmv<br /><br />Example youtube video same video (<ctrl>+click to open new window):<br />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQuRfJMgsms&fmt=22<br /><br />Better example of youtube video, I don't know if it's content related or if youtube compressed better. This video was uploaded well before youtube had hi-def, but apparently they keep the original and re-encoded it for me. This is of a radio control glider at a slope site. Click on the lower right icon box to toggle between desktop and full screen (<ctrl>+click to open new window):<br /><br />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUVRUMc7DP8&fmt=22
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              Turning off the display status was the issue. I noticed that installing XVID requires I run both passes manually, but if I install AutoGK, it runs both passes automatically.
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                Turns out the auto 2 pass was only with AutoGK 2.45 installed. I've since installed AutoGK 2.50 (includes XVID 1.3.x) and it's a manual two pass process.