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    video problem

      When i import .avi files into premiere pro, it only imports the audio of the clip and is missing the video. however, when i import files like .wmv it works fine. is it a codec or video card problem or something else?

      *update* i reinstalled my divx and now it only imports the video part of .avi files, not audio. it seems very strange.
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          DivX is the cause. Use DV type 2.
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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Lots of previous discussions concerning editing compress files, which, it seems, may also apply to the new version

            1-Read here to see Why NOT to try and edit an MPEG

            2-Trying to use Premiere for DVD-MPEG file editing

            3-Edit MPEG with Premiere Elements or WOMBLE or direct from DVD with Movie Edit Pro

            4-Trying to use Premiere for DIVX-WMV file editing - Do NOTE that a DIVX file that ends with AVI is not the type of AVI that will edit in Premiere... any program may put AVI on the end of the file, but that does NOT mean it will edit in Premiere - so remember that Mpeg (Divx/Xvid is a version of mpeg) is an OUTPUT format

            5-Since Premiere does not like to edit compressed files (this seems to vary, depending on exactly what else is installed on the computer) you should not try to use MP3 or MPEG or DIVX (a type of mpeg-4) or JPG file types as edit files (convert MP3 to WAV at 48kHz, or 44.1kHz if that meets the needs and settings of your project, and convert JPG to TIF or PSD, and finally convert MPEG or DIVX to DV AVI TYPE II for editing)

            6-And, a list of MPEG tools at VideoHelp... but do be aware that converting a file designed for output back to a file that Premiere will edit is very likely going to result in some quality loss