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    Achitecture Not Supported and CPU Extension SSE2 issue. Are there any solutions??

      I'm late to the game.

      I purchased the CS3 Adobe Master Collection, I get and error that Adobe Premier and Soundbooth wont work with my "architecture".

      I thought I had to upgrade to OS10.5 thinking that was the issue.
      But now I find that it's not software at all...but Hardware.

      The install screen states "Support for CPU extension SSE2" is not met.

      And I searched the web for help, and ALL signs point "not being compatible with G5 PPC.

      Is this still true? Is there really *nothing* I can do but BUY a new Mac with Intel to run them?

      Is Adobe REALLY turning their backs on people without new Intel Macs?

      PLEASE tell me there are patches and some work-arounds by now!