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    Black and White and Title screens don't save


      i have a problem with Premiere Pro CS3.
      I am currently editing a color film and have applied the black and white effect to most of the scenes. At a certain point the program seems to have no capacity for that effect anymore. Half of the film stays black and white when saving, closing the program and opening the file again, but the other half is still displayed in color. I checked the effects of those scenes. the black and white effect is still applied, but it doesn't work, the scene is displayed in color.
      Furthermore some Title screens get lost after a save. They show the "media offline" picture. When double clicking them, the correct title window is displayed, but it is not correctly shown in the film.

      I tried to save other stuff like shortening the film and it works fine.

      Can you help me? What went wrong? What do I do wrong?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I've not heard of these problems before. I wonder if something is corrupt in your Project, or something is happening at a machine-level. The loss of the Titles is especially troubling in respect for the latter.

          I'd do a Save_As_a_Copy for your Project, and try to Import it into a new Project. Note: when you do this, the old Project will come into PP as a set of Bins with no Timeline visible. Open the Bins and Dbl-click on your Timeline, to open it. If this does not cure your problems, please post a full system description, especially your I/O setup.

          Good luck,

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            hmm interesting

            i tried to import the project into a new project. what happend is the following:
            i had a new folder in the project window (maybe what you call PP. i don't know, because i have got the german version). that folder contains whole film from the other project called "Sequenz 01" and all the other root files. the interesting thing is: after importing the project, i see it with an applied black and white effect and also all the title screens are inserted and shown correctly.
            problem solved ..... i thought.
            saving the new project results into the same problem as before. when re-opening the project part of the film (only the last couple of scenes) is in color again and the title screens don't now their root.

            note: i tried to export the film and see whether the exported .avi or .mpg is also erroneous. sadly, thats the case

            i don't think its a machine-level error, because i tried it on three machines already.
            all machines had vista, intel core 2 duo 2400mhz, graphics intel q965/963 express chipset family

            what do you mean by "input/output setup"?
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              the_wine_snob Level 9
              Wow, that is odd behavior. I have neither seen, nor heard, of such. Maybe someone else will chime in with a cure for you. That the Project Imported fine, and then turned pear-shaped is a puzzle. Hope that you can get it sorted out.

              Good luck,

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                akribie Level 2
                You might try deleting all previews and see if that helps.

                If you want B&W everywhere, you might also try creating a new sequence, importing the previous sequence, and applying the B&W effect there.

                Or you could avoid the B&W filter by using Color Balance HLS (or whatever it's called in your version) and turning saturation to zero.

                You might also want to check that there is space on all relevant drives, including the system drive, which Adobe apps seem to use for temporary cacheing without saying much about it.