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    Does Premiere Pro support 4:4:4?

      Hi All,

      Was hoping to get some advice from those in the know.

      I'm editing a stop motion animation and will be receiving the final composited frames as 16-bit TIF sequences from the compositors.

      I was told by the post production house doing the grade to try and keep everything in the 4:4:4 colour space.

      I was originally going to use Final Cut, but the post house said that it has trouble staying in 4:4:4 during dissolves and drops to 4:2:2 (due to a bug), so I'd be better rendering those scenes in AE. Does Premiere share this issue?

      I'll be working at 1920 x 1080 and exporting the film as a TIFF sequence for the grader. I'll also be looking at a 35mm blow-up if the film gets into certain festivals so am keen to retain as much quality throughout the production pipeline as possible.

      Can I please get some advise on the best way to achieve this with Premiere Pro CS3? Is there any advantage to upgrading to CS4? What's a rigid production pipeline I should follow? Any other advise?

      I'll be editing this on a Macbook Pro (4GB RAM) running bootcamp. Would this system be fast enough to handle the hi resolution and uncompressed footage that I'll be dealing with?