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    Timelapse with custom frame length


      we're having a problem with Adobe Premiere CS 3.

      Our goal is to match a given picture sequence (timelapse) to a given song. Derived from the song, we have a precise storyboard that dictates the duration of each picture in the sequence.

      Our problem is the apparent inability of Adobe Premiere to (1) import all pictures, (2) paste them on the arrangement and (3) increase the display time of each.

      Currently we're able to import and paste the sequence onto the storyboard and change the display duration of each picture individually (context menu, "Speed Duration", =>8.9%); however, this is not a viable solution for thousands of pictures. :)

      Any help, tips and hints will be greatly appreciated. :)


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          akribie Level 2
          If you set unnumbered timeline markers (numeric asterisk key) at the points where you want the change of image to occur, then use Automate to Timeline from the project window, the length adjustments should be done for you with, if you wish, a standard (ie all the same) transition as well.

          Try a small segment to get the idea.