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    Recommended export settings for blip.tv uploads

      I'm looking for recommended export settings for Premiere Pro CS3 for videos destined for Blip.TV. Their generic recommendations are helpful, but are there more specific settings to Premiere Pro?

      Blip.tv recommended settings at http://blip.tv/learning/export/

      *Format = QuickTime
      *Extension = .mov
      *Size = 640 pixels wide. Height depends on your favored aspect ratio. 16:9 = 640x360. 4:3=640x480. We recommend 16:9 if you can.
      *CODEC = h.264
      *Data rate: 1500 to 2.000 (Mbps)
      *Audio = AAC audio, 48kHz. Render settings = Best. Target bit rate = 128+. Mono or stereo depending on mic used to record
      *Key frame interval = < 24 K.F., or auto. Lower is better
      *Fast Start: On. If you don't select "Fast Start" QuickTime movies won't play until the entire file downloads.
      *Frame rate: Current
      *Frame Controls: Off
      *Multi-pass: On
      *Frame reorder: On