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    How to edit with non-interlaced playback - for square pixel art?

      I'm working with PNG sequenced images from Flash. I'm compositing in AE and I export an QT movie in "Animation" compression, 100% quality. The exported movie is as 'clean' as a Flash swf. This becomes my source movie for Premiere CS3.
      When I bring my scenes to edit in Premiere CS3 I can't figure how to set up the project so the the final out-put is non-interlaced. I want the quality of the final movies to be as clean (non-interlaced) as my source movies.
      I would like to work in non-DV format since my source movies are made from square pixel art (Flash & Photoshop). This process works great in Premiere 5.1, is it possible in CS3?

      I work on PC - XPpro