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    Premiere has suddenly stopped importing avi/mp4 files

      I am using Premiere Pro CS3 on a mac.

      With no explanation, Premiere has decided it can't recognize files that it recognized fine a few weeks ago. I have projects that I've already finished and when I reopen them it says the media is offline. When I attempt to import .avi files I get either a "codec missing" message or an "unsupported compression in file" while an .mp4 gets me "unsupported format or damaged file"

      while I have "fixed" the mp4 issue by changing the file extension to .mpg, I still cannot import any .avi files, which didn't use to be a problem. Also I didn't have to change the file extension on .mp4 files before, either.

      I am extremely frustrated and have no idea why nothing works except using another program to turn the .avi files into DV format, which for some insane reason makes a 20 minute video 3.95 GB, which makes me think somehow I'm doing that wrong too.