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    import failure - error message 1231

    bojesen Level 1
      I have successfully imported a number of mp4 files (in folders with other source material from Sony XDCAMEX - PMWEX3). One of the files was mistakenly deleted from the project window.I have unsuccessfully tried to reimport it several times but an error message is displayed: (Drusilla/pro/3.2.0/MediaCore/ASL/Foundation/Make/Mac/../../Src/Mac/MacFile.cpp-1231).

      On another - (may be not connected) -occasion I got error message (Drusilla/pro/3.2.0/Libraries/UIFramework/Make/Mac/../../Src/TimeBarControl.cpp-1231).

      Any ideas, please?
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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          Please provide these details to help us help you.


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            bojesen Level 1
            Thank you for your response. In the meantime I believe I have found the - or at least an answer - to the problem. In the project described, the file in question appeared to be imported three times: xxx-1, xxx-2 and xxx-3. As these appeared to be the same, I deleted files xxx-2 and xxx-3 in the project window and the relevant folders in the BPAV/CLPR folder. I did not link this action to the subsequent problem, as described in my original post.

            Working on a new project, one file was again imported three times, as described above. Deleting xxx-2 and xxx-3 as above (but NOT emptying the wastebasket), xxx-1 subsequently showed offline. However, it again showed online as soon as folders xxx-2 and xxx-3 had been replaced in the BPAV/CLPR folder.

            It appears that some faulty content in xxx-1 is attempted rectified in xxx-2 and successfully in xxx-3.Without the two latter folders available xxx-1 will not import.