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    Random red frames appearing in CS3

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      I've been using PP CS3 for a few weeks now and I have encountered a strange problem that I didn't see in PP2: random red frames appearing in the project.

      Sometimes the red frames are visible when reviewing the project on the timeline (before rendering), and sometimes they show up only after exporting the project to AVI or to flash via Adobe Media Encoder. I'm using MPEG files from Sony hard-drive cameras.

      At first I thought it was an issue with my new laptop, but the problem is also occurring on my desktop computer. Both computers have duo-core 2.2 ghz processors and 512mb dedicated memory video cards and 2 mb of system memory.

      I am quite disheartened because I feel I wasted nearly $300 on an upgrade to CS3. I have Googled this problem extensively and haven't found a viable solution. Can anyone help? Thanks.