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    Raw footage lost. How to relink?

      Hi. A major disaster in Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0! The raw .avi footage that I have imported into and arranged in a project has disappeared. I suspect that the 2 terabyte external drive the footage was stored on has had some kind of malfunction and lost about 120gb of data. I will now need to recapture the 10 tapes of footage and relink to the project, and if the recaptured footage is out by a few seconds any sections I have used and rearranged in the timeline will be out aswell. Hope this makes sense. Any advice on the best way to do this would be great!
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          It shouldn't be a problem, unless you didn't name your tapes separately when you captured the footage or your tapes didn't have time code.

          What you will want to do is connect your capture device to your computer, select the clips you want to recapture in your project window, right-click on them (they should be showing that the media is offline) and go to "Batch Capture". It should ask you to insert the tape needed into the capture device and it should go about recapturing your footage.

          I've only had to do this once, so I don't remember if you select multiple clips from multiple tapes if it automatically captures them by tape. So you may want to select all the ones from a single tape at a time, then once that one is finished, do all the clips from the next tape, and so on.
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            Project recovered!

            I've recaptured the lost footage like you suggested (saved it onto a different drive as it looks like the old one was failing)and apart from a few timecode issues one one of the tapes, it's all gone smoothly. Much easier than I was expecting.

            Great advice, thanks Shaun.