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    offline clips can anyone help me!

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      I am nearing the end of my project and am encountering a problem i haven't had before. i have a range of stills and video on my timeline and when i saved it and came back to it the next day they are appearing offline, however, if i double click on the image that says offline it will appear in the source window and it is fine in the bin area too, also if i delete the cross dissolve between the images the clips then stop appearing offline but when i save it and come back to it again the same think happens all over again! please can anyone help me, thank-you for your time reading my problem!
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          So you're saying that when you open the project, the files appear offline, but as you double-click on each one in the Project window they seem to come back?

          If you try playing your timeline before double-clicking on the files in the Project window do they still appear offline?

          The most common problems I've seen with footage appearing offline is if someone renamed a folder or moved some files from one location to another. But if that were the problem they usually wouldn't come back just by double-clicking on them in the Project window. That would sound to me like a failing hard drive issue if they don't show up unless you double-click on them.

          Are your files on the same hard drive as Premiere Pro or are they on an external hard drive?
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            hi Shaun, if i play my timeline when i first open premiere they are offline in the monitor but on the clip i can see the image of what the clip is meant to be. all the files are in the same folders and haven't been moved and the files are on the hard drive as premiere pro which is an external hard drive.

            its very confusing because if i delete the transitions or even move all the clips slightly to the right along the time line and then back again, they play fine
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              Eddie Lotter Level 4

              FAQ:Why are my clips showing as "Media Offlline"?


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