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    Export to an unusual DVD

    Gumbo Al
      I made several training videos for my company. The content consisted of 1024x768 screen captures made with Camtasia (saved using the Techsmith codec) and a studio produced audio track. I had to export the project as an uncompressed .avi and then import that .avi into Camtasia and let Camtasia render it to .wmv. (Camtasia seems to have a superior render for screen caps to .wmv). My boss now wants me to create a DVD vesion of the videos with a menu.

      Here's where I start:
      1. I have several Premiere projects that Has 1024x768 video saved with using the Techsmith codec
      2. I have the audio content for each project - 16 bit 44.1 stereo

      Here's where I need to end:
      1. A DVD that displays the 1024x768 content
      2. Plays the audio track in sync with the visual content
      3. Has an initial menu that allows the user to select which video to watch
      4. These DVDs will only be viewd on computers that are equipped with DVD drives


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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          You don't need a DVD to achieve that. Just store the WMV on a USB stick and use to stick for playback with WMP. That allows for larger files than on a DVD and faster access. A DVD would not allow the resolution you require, nor the audio format you have, so the only option is to use DVD as a storage medium and USB sticks are easier, faster and have more capacity.
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            Ruud Blauw Level 1
            >A DVD would not allow the resolution you require, nor the audio format you have...

            To be a little more precise: A DVD- Video disc doesn't allow that. By using the DVD as a plain data disc you can store a little over 4GB of any kind of data you like on it. All you need is a CD/DVD burning application (not a DVD-Video authoring app like Encore).

            For the menu your boss wants you could write something in HTML (like a small website on a DVD, or USB stick), or use an app like CDMenuPro . (Not a recommendation - I never used it.)
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              (C._David_Young) Level 1
              Since you have a Premiere project there is nothing to keep you from exporting it as a DVD to Encore. This will result in 720x480 resolution. The quality will be better if you use export Movie using Microsoft AVI and DebugMode Frameserver, AviSynth with Dan Isaac's hd2sd script, and HC encoder, but that requires a little more know-how that is documented in other threads.

              I recently did something similar. My project was 720p and I exported via the FrameServer to create the 720p signpost file. The following AviSynth script file was then used as the input to HC encoder. The results were an excellent 30p DVD that I authored with Encore.

              AviSource("720p signpost file.avi")
              hd2sd(interlaced=false, interlaced_out=false, OutputColorSpace="YUY2", NR=0, OutputFieldRate=30, OutputHeight = 720, OutputWidescreen = true, WidescreenType = 0, SmoothTime = false)
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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                This seems like a lot of effort, while reducing the resolution greatly, needing a new encode with further quality loss to a new codec, when all that is needed is a file copy from the ready to play WMV file to some medium, be it DVD or USB stick or whatever.
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                  Gumbo Al Level 1
                  After some testing I have discovered that Harm is right. When the resolution is changed to 720 the image is so blurry that most of the UI elements in the screen caps are illegible.

                  Thanks for all the feedback guys.

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                    (C._David_Young) Level 1
                    Now that I reread the original post I see that it will only be used on a computer. The WMV file is definitely the way to go.