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    Can't get past Welcome Screen!!

      I searched the forums, but I cannot get past the Premiere Pro CS3 Welcome Screen-very unusual! The program loads fine, but when it gives me the usual options to "Open a Project", "Create a New Project" or exit, if I click on any of the buttons - nothing! If I close the Welcome Screen, the program exits. I let the machine sit overnight, same result (I thought it was loading "funny").

      I have installed the entire Premium Production Suite, and all other programs work fine-and a little faster for me.


      Dual Core Dual Woodcrest Processors
      Windows XP Pro SP2
      2 terabytes of RAID 0 HD's
      6 GB RAM

      I have the previous version of Adobe Production Suite on the same machine....all other programs work fine (I have read where other users have multiple versions that coexist well).

      Any ideas are appreciated....