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    XDcam HD footage on CS3 for MAC???

      Hey All,

      Im trying to edit Sony XD HD footage in Premiere Pro CS3 v3.2 on a Mac. I have a quad core Mac Pro, that also has the AJA Kona Card and the AJA Premiere Drivers. If I start a project with the XDcam HD preset at 1080i and then go to import the folder with all the .mxf files in it, it will go through the import process, but then tell me that the files are unsupported. I get the same result if I open a project with an AJA preset.

      In the preset description it says that the preset is for XDcam HD SP footage (25mb), and this footage is HQ footage (35mb), is it possible that the Mac version of PPR doesnt support the HQ footage? Because that same XD footage will import on a PC with PPR CS3. Any ideas???