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    P2 1080i/24p and CS3

      Started a DVCPRO HD 1080i/24p project. Imported P2 mxf files shot in 1080i/24p. Timeline needs rendering when mxf is placed on timeline.

      Why does this happen? Every other native P2 project for DVCPRO HD does not require rendering. ex, 720/60 etc.

      CS4 does not behave this way in the trial I downloaded.
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          Colin Brougham Level 6
          That seems odd. I've never had any issues mixing the same footage and project preset. The only thing I can think of is if you shot 24p instead of 24pA, and I'm not even sure that would create the need for a render.

          What happens if you drop the files in a DVCPROHD 1080i/60i project?
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            I noticed the same issue while running some tests today. I shot 6 x 30 second clips to p2. 1080i 24p, 1080i 24pa, 720p 24p, 702p 24pn, DVCPro 50 480i 24pa, DVCPro 50 480i 24p. I created 3 sequences, one for each of the resolutions.


            On the 1080i sequence the 24p requires rendering while the 24pa does not. Same thing for the DVCPro 50, the 24p requires rendering while the 24pa does not. None of the 720 clips required rendering and neither of those were shot in 24p advance.


            I am very interested to find out why this is happening.

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              shooternz Level 6

              Are you guys using P2 Project presets  or DVCProHD Project presets?

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                R-Cole Level 1

                For the 2 HD formats I opened a sequence in DVCProHD at 24p using the matching resolution for each. The SD footage was placed into a DVCPro50 sequence for 24p. The only common denominator is that the 2 that required rendering right away were interlaced (1080i & 480i) resolutions. I am trying to decide which format will serve me best for a project that needs to be delivered in HD (Vimeo) and SD (DVD) and it is not off to a good start if some need rendering right away. Or it is just that much more obvious that I should select the 24PA format regardless of the resolution.

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                  shooternz Level 6

                  You are only rendering preview files for the timeline so unless its taking a massive amount of time..why are you worrying?

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                    R-Cole Level 1

                    Time is a part of the reason. Mostly I want to narrow down a recording format that suits my needs (HD for the web & SD for DVD) in the most efficient way possible. It just threw me when I dropped the footage into what seemed to be the correct sequence setting and it needed rendering before making any adjustments.