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    CS3 Premier Pro Won't Start due to Komplete 5 .dll Loading...


      I'm running Komplete 5 by Native Instruments on a brand new Quad Core laptop that was built and tweaked by a pro audio company that specializes in configuring machines for musicians. The Win XP Professional system runs very well.

      After installing Adobe CS3 Suite, I noticed that the only program that won't start properly now is Premier Pro. When try to start Premier Pro 3.0, the splash screen opens and I can see the Komplete 5 software programs (Kontakt 3, Massive, Pro 53...) trying to load their .dll files. After a few seconds, Premier Pro quits and gives me a Runtime Error.

      I've searched around a little bit and can't even find the .dll's for Komplete 5 to try the suggested experiment of moving them away out of their folder and then to bring them back after (if) I get Premier Pro to start as I have indexing turned off on the drives (which I "think" is to keep the system speedy?) so searching manually has not been easy so far. I looked in the vst folder and they are not there, unless I am missing something.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.