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    Content Workflow Issue using Cineform/PPro/AE

      Hello, I have a potential workflow issue that I need some advice on. I'm currently editing a project in Premiere Pro CS3 using the Cineform intermediate codec (the video was shot in HDV--Canon HV30--imported using AspectHD). Everything is working fine.

      However, I'd like to export some of the video of this project off to a portable hard drive to physically hand over to someone who will be importing it into After Effects CS3 (on a completely different hardware system) to spice things up for me--i.e. they are going to make a flashy intro/title for this project.

      Lastly, I would like to re-import her finished video back into Premiere. She does not have the Cineform codec so exporting it as a cineform.avi file is out (I would think--or am I incorrect here?). My question is mainly--what is the best file format to hand over to my AE person AND what is the best file format for my AE person to give back to me to re-import into Premiere and keep it all in HD/HDV 16:9?

      I have no idea if this is a really easy thing, or really challenging. Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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          Hi Bill


          well the best person to answer that question is the lady who is doing the afterv fx work for you. only she knows what her system can handle. I would recommend first and foremost uncompressed avi if she is on windows or uncompressed .mov if she is on a mac. otherwise if she cannot handle uncompressed because the file is too big you could give her a quicktime animation. i think the file is a little smaller than uncompressed but i could be wrong. but qt animation is still a big file. you could also render out the video as an image sequence I recommend a TIFF sequence suing LZW compression to keep the file sizes down. give her the image sequence she can add the fx and then she can render out the final product as an image sequence again which you can match up with the audio track on your pc. she can also give you an uncompressed file which you can then render out to cineform.