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    impossible open project  Premiere CS3

      Hello, sory for my english, I´m from Czech republic.
      I have got a big problem. I can´t open project in Adobe Premiere CS3(update 3.2.0). I worked on this project more than 5 mounts. During loading the project Premiere show message "p:\drusilla\pro\3.2.0\mediacore\mediafoundation\ap i\inc\Keyframe/Keyfrarr.. and than crash.
      I tryed everithing I know: Autosaves not work, import to new project, reinstal program and windows, open offline....
      Project is very big - 97 Gb.
      I have Windows XP Pro SP2 with CZ lokalizacion. Smaller projects work fine, without any problem.
      Please help me, Johny A.
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          1) Have you done anything to brnig this problem about?

          2) When did it start?

          3) What are the specs of your machine?
          -Size shouldnt be a problem, may take a while to load up initially(and scrub through depending on machine horsepower) but I routinely work in 50-60Gb jobs)

          4) Is your job held on a single hard drive? If so what is the size of the drive? Check the fragmentation of the drive with disk defragmenter.

          5) What is the average file size?
          - at the end of the error message box, assuming its a pop-up dialogue box, does it write out a clip name or file name YOU CAN FIND? It may be a corrupted file...try and delete that specific file.

          If all else fails, start a NEW job (maybe get a new portable harddrive - 1Tb just to make sure plenty of space, their cheapish now)and begin importing assets from your old job, chances are something you did (looks like a keyframed effect?) corrupted a clip. As long as the AVI files are there...at least the captured footage isnt lost (ALWAYS KEEP YOUR MASTERS...) but the timeline(s) will be lost if you didnt export an EDL (always handy to do that on GIGANTIC projects along the way, its like a reassurance to an autosave...!).

          If...you have enough money (project/company asset insurance) you can take your harddrives to data recovery places and they can TRY to help you, but these places are extremely expensive and may not be able to help. I almost tried this avenue once...
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            This problem starts after record wav audio directly to the timeline of premiere (one week ago). I tried open without this medias offline, but not works.
            My machine: Proc - Intel 2,8 Ghz duo, 4 GB ram, 2x 300 GB HDD, Gforce 8800 GT, win XP Pro SP2 CZ language.
            Thank you, Johny A.
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              Johnny A,

              Lets do a review:

              You had a Project that has been worked on for five months and all worked fine. The Project opened in PP perfectly over that time. You then recorded a WAV into PP, edited some more, and now your Project will not open, and you get the error message. Did the Project function properly, after you recorded the WAV, before you Saved and shut down? If not, what seemed to be happening then?

              You have attempted the following:
              1.) Open Project in PP - result does not Open and gives error message, followed by crash
              2.) Open all AutoSaves - result does not Open and gives error message, followed by crash
              3.) Started a new Project with the same specs. as your old and tried to Import the original Project into it - result does not Import and gives error message, followed by crash

              [Good things to try, BTW]

              Does the info in this link help:
              Eddie Lotter, "import failure - error message 1231" #1, 11 Jan 2009 1:19 pm

              Has anything changed on your P:\ drive? What are the specs of your P:\? How is it connected, internal, external FireWire, USB, etc.?

              One thing that you might try would be to Move all of your Assets to a new location, especially the WAV file(s). Try to Open your Project again. As you have hidden the Assets from PP, it should ask you to locate them again. If you kept the same folder structure, but just hid the structure, you should be able to help PP locate the files and let it load them up again. Id make sure that I hid the WAV file(s) even further away in the folder structure, so you can *possibly* get the rest of your Project loaded, and just Offline the WAV file(s) for now. Then, do a Save_As, or Save_As_a_Copy (without the WAV file(s). If you get the Project back to that state and Open, then try to re-Link the WAV file(s). Have a look at:
              http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.59b78a80/7 if you have any questions about Save, Save_As etc., and why/when you might choose one, over the others.

              Last, there is a freeware program, XML Wrench. It can do a lot of detective work on your .PRPROJ file. Ive only used it sparingly, but others here can step you through its operation. First, however, I would download and install it. Run your PRPROJ though it and report back with what it says. Usually, a corrupt file will have bad header info. If this is the case, others can possibly direct you with way to repair that header info. There could also be some other problem, that folk here will recognize and help you cure.

              Good luck,

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                Hi, thanks for your endeavor to help me.
                On my drive P there aren´t any changes, becouse I haven´t any drive P.
                All medias used in project are on disk C, and project is on disk D. If I conect external drive, is it letter "m". No drive P in my machine.
                I tried to repair the project with XML Wrench (program said, that project is well formed) and Active Perl, but no result.
                I tried to open on the other machine with Win vista, with offline medias, but stil the same error message. I tried to open in Premiere CS 2, but not help me.
                This video material is very importent for me. That is from Laos and Vietnam, not only for my private using, but also for Czech Television.
                I will be grateful for any help.
                Thank you, Johny A.
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                  Johnny A,

                  Curious that your error message references "p:\"


                  [Edit] Did you have any luck "hiding" the Assets from PP and then Opening your Project? It looks like you did similar, but Opening on another machine with no Assets available, but I'm not quite sure.
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                    How large is the .prproj file? Can you post it somewhere so I can download it and look at the structure of the file?