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    Erro message when using Dynamic link

      I have just bought Premiere 3.0 and it came with Encore and Onlocation, prior to that I have purchased Photoshop CS2 and Adobe After Effects 7.0 Professional.

      When working in After Effects I save the project and open Premiere, I then click on Adobe Dynamic Link > Import After Effects Composition and this error box pops up stating:

      > The Adobe Dynamic Link requires Adobe Production Premium CS3.

      What does that mean? I just bought Premiere 3.0 since I already own a big expensive version of After Effects, and I was promised that I could use a feature called Dynamic Link.

      What is the story here?

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          Jeff Bellune Level 5
          Dynamic Link is only available when you buy the suite - either the so-called CS2 or the new CS3. And even if you own both suites you can't mix-and-match versions. AE7 works with PPro 2.0 and AECS3 works with PPro CS3.


          >I was promised that I could use a feature called Dynamic Link

          Who promised you? They lied.
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            I purchased Premiere 2.0 and After Effects 7 at the same time a year ago or so, so those 2 should work together.

            I only found out about dynaimc link on Adobe's website a week ago, and according to that it said if you have after effects and premiere installed you could use dynamic link.

            So why does it not work with my CS2 versions? The are the same.
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              Harm Millaard Level 7
              Dynamic Link is ONLY available in the Production Studio, not with separate products.
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                Thanks Harm for clearing that up.

                So is Dynamic Link a seperate program or what? I do not understand why I need the Production Premium when I own both CS2 versions of Premiere & After Effects so it should work. Let's ignore I have CS3. Why buy the whole Premium when I only want 2 programs and a feature called Dynamic Link that should be standard across all Adobe Programs?

                I think I will feature request this: Adobe make all your programs "interlinkable" free of charge and standard as part of any package or singular product you buy. I find that it is actually unacceptable that you monopolize this Dynamic Link, which is a few lines of code."

                (Let us not forget Adobe stuff is not cheap, and I have paid for it.)

                If it does not work then I am actually surprised albeit very dumbfounded as to why I must pay a few extra thousand dollars just to own other Adobe software like Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and the other programs in the Production Studio. I am not saying the other programs are not good, I simply have no need for them.

                I have no need for those, that is why I bought the 2 programs I needed.

                I find this totally unacceptable, and outright crazy and would like to return CS3 back to Adobe and get a refund. I'm sure this is on there web site somewhere or I will call customer care.

                Thanks for helping me out, although I did not get past step one.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8
                  >Thanks Harm for clearing that up.

                  Jeff said the same thing in the first post.
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                    Harm Millaard Level 7
                    Look at it as if buying a car. There is a Luxury edition and a Sports edition. The one comes with leather seating and a sunroof, the other with nice wheels and a 6 gear transmission, instead of the 5 gear on the Luxury edition and with better brakes. If you want the best from both worlds, you have to pay extra, meaning the Studio. You could file a feature request with the car manufacturer but chances are slim they will be honored. Same with Adobe.