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    FLV converter

      Is there a free or low cost program that will convert a FLV file to a format I can import into PP CS3? Thanks.
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          b GOOGLE
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            William, you'll do yourself a lot of favours if you come into this forum having already done a bit of homework, e.g. "I've searched around and found product (a) to perform such-and-such a task. What do you guys think, or is there a better alternative?"

            Unfortunately my only experience with conversion software is far from "free or low cost" so hopefully if Raymond's idea doesn't work someone else will come along with a suggestion or an opinion.

            Harm, once again you show why I used to get so many emails from forum members asking if there was a way to filter people's responses.
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              Harm Millaard Level 7
              "FLV+converter+free" brings up over 14 mio hits. Is it so hard to do your homework? If I get pre-paid to do his work, OK, but that was not what he offered.
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                That's why I suggested that he change his approach next time.

                Don't shoot the messenger.
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                  As Harm pointed out, the generic google nets far too many hits to be
                  particularly useful. I know the Riva product has been around for a
                  pretty long while. I've used it in the past. It gives decent results,
                  but nothing to shout about. And I know that at least in the past, it did
                  not attempt to install any adware trojans into your system, that in
                  itself seems worthy praise these days. :)

                  I might also point out that since we are in the Premiere forum, Premiere
                  Pro at least has the On2 basic package for exporting Flv's. I use the
                  On2 Pro version and have found it to produce quality flash videos.