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    Prem Pro 3.2: Unsupported or Damaged File

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      I get this whenever I import XDCam footage from a LOCAL drive.
      I can only import XDCam footage if it's on a NETWORK drive.
      The moment I copy the footage to a local drive, Premiere can no longer open the footage, as it displays "Unsupported or damaged file".

      This is a new installation of Premiere CS3. I gave up on CS4, uninstalled the whole shebang, and ran the cleanup script, then installed CS3.

      Now I've got this weird problem that it can't import XDCam footage if it's on a local hard drive. Loads fine from the network, but the moment it's copied to local drive, it won't load anymore. Many of these pieces of copied footage imported into CS4 last week without error. But they won't load into CS3.

      I could have sworn that XDCam footage is not locked to the path that it was captured to with XDCam Clip Browser. One should be able to move it around and still be able to import it to Premiere Pro CS3, right?

      Totally dumbfounded by this anomoly.
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          Correct, but be aware that your best bet is to copy the BPAV directory with all it's contents. That way you make sure all subdirectories are copied as well and these are needed.
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            Apparently, it's not enough to copy the folder containing the MP4, XML, SMI files, etc. The clip I wanted was just 119MB. But to get the use of it, I found that I had to copy the entire 37GB of root XDCam folder over to the machine's local drive and THEN I could open the 119MB file. Yup.. apparently CS3 needs something that is in the root folder, two levels above the folders containing the actual video.
            In messing around with CS4, I'd forgotten that, because CS4 apparently doesn't need those vestigial text files to import the video clip.
            Oh well. At least CS3 is running fine. CS4 just would not run at all on this machine.