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    Frame rate problem

      i have a project which was shooted in two different frame rates one camera
      person shoot on 24fps and the other camera person shoot on 25 fps

      now i am working on 24 fps project in the premeir cs3 with cineform

      now i need to canvert 25fps in to 24fps with out blening effect

      how it is possible

      please help me
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          Frame rate may be only part of the issue. 24fps is usually NTSC. 25 fps is usually PAL. The two don't mix well.
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            (C._David_Young) Level 1
            This is tough. I think you are going to have to live with some frame blending. It would seem that it might be better to render out the 24 fps as 25 fps but it appears that you want the end product to be 24 fps. In that case, you will need to render out the 25 fps to 24 fps. I don't know what happens if you just add a 25 fps clip to a 24 fps timeline. Perhaps Premiere handles it automatically. My experience is that there will be frame blending involved in any framerate conversion within Premiere. The only way to avoid it is to convert the 25 fps footage to 24 fps using an external tool or Frameserver/AviSynth. But if you don't use frame blending you will get some unevenness and possibly even some frame tearing.
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              Dan Isaacs Level 2
              How about a 4% slowdown? Try forcing the framerate via interpret footage to 23.976 fps and edit in a 23.976 fps project. Does that work?