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    weird issues Importing .mp4 files from a Sony EX1

      HELLO COMMUNITY! cheers for reading...

      i've got a small/massively annoying issue - i've got some footage from the sony ex1.

      got premier pro version 3.2.0(374) - (cs3)
      drag and dropping MOST files into the clips pane is fine, PP plays them "okay". however SOME files don't work - PP claims that it is an unsupported format or damaged.

      VLC plays every clip with ease.

      whats going on? i have a small feeling its those wretched .XML files, etc that sit in the folder above the media folder - (does that make sense?)

      in an attempt to solve this, i've downloaded the demo version of mainconcept mpeg pro HD - for CS3. hoping it bypasses any metadata that PP requires.
      mainconcept seems to think i haven't got CS3 installed!

      i've got my program files on a seperate drive.

      ohhhhhhhhhh CRUMBS!

      thanks in advance people!