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    Importing footage from External Drive

    pebalsamo Level 2
      I have about 3 hours of footage that was shot with a Sony PD-170 to a CitiDISK hard drive as QT files. I imported all the files and did the editing, now Premier crashes all the time. I am using Premier Pro CS3 by the way. I moved the folder with the QT files in it to another location so that I could relink the clips and that is not working either. I can get some of the clip relinked but then at some random point it will crash again and that project file will not open anymore. I have to open it up from a second save file that I was lucky enough to have made. It is not crashing on one particular file. Lets say that I get it to relink clip 1 - 10 and then it crashes on clip #11. The next time I open Premier I may get it to open clips 1-5 and it will crash on #6. I have done this tons of times trying several different methods to get premier to work and I cannot get it figured out. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated...